The Only Pub In Sudirman Central Business District Just Got Freek’ed

Freek the chef at Cafe de Burse

‘Freek’ Honders

Cafe De Burse, in the SCBD just across the street from Pacific Place, is a comfortable international venue with a touch of friendly Dutch Pub. It has a noteworthy new international chef unpacking his new European menu, and it’s manager host—all-in-one—expat ‘Freek’ Honders.

But, don’t worry, the popular Caribbean cocktails remain unchanged and the happy hour beer’s still always cold too. Freek’s instead introduced Indonesia to an herb risotto—with sea bass and gently-sweet paksoy—sauced up with his own secret olive salsa, already one of the most popular of Freek’s new dishes.

We were finally caught up with Freek during a busy time for him. We were able to share only a few uninterrupted moments. He seemed confidently soft-spoken, personable and warm enough.  Nice guy.  We asked him a couple questions about his new life and work in Jakarta:


ibusList:  What aspect of Cafe de Burse do you enjoy working on the most?

Freek:  The aspect that I like the most—is the good combination of both cooking myself AND managing the kitchen. I also enjoy teaching the guys in the kitchen a ‘European style’ of cooking. On busier evenings I like hosting front of the house in the restaurant; that’s of course also a great aspect of working at de Burse. I do like talking to some of the most interesting people one could ever meet who come here.

  What days of the week are your favorite working at Cafe de Burse?

Lamb Chops mmmmm...

Incredible Lamb Chops for breakfasting. . . Yummy!!!

Freek:  Good question. Hard to say—I like all days of the week. We do a very busy weekday mid-day lunch, but it’s Fridays and Saturday

evenings—I think I like the most. On both evenings we have regular live music from two great bands here in Jakarta. There’s both live acoustic and amped music on, not all, but most nights of the week: popular and top 40; Latin; alternative;  reggae; soft rock, etc.  Friday night’s regularly been Javabeat who plays various genre but groove on reggae, roots, ska, and steady beat music.  Saturday is Jakarta’s Universe Band who play popular covers. Both bands really know how to create a great atmosphere and entertain our guests. For me, they’re a part of a great way to start and enjoy a weekend night!

As Freek ran off to attend to someone else, he shared two other items worth mention. First, he said anyone that reads this article and has not been to de Burse since he recently arrived should come on in, check it out, introduce themselves and mention something about seeing this article and enjoy a free drink. The second item was for women who should know there’s 50% off ladies’ night on all drinks and wine—Mondays and Thursdays.

So, thfreekhoste only pub in Sudirman gets a euro-foodie chef, a kitchen manger and front-of-the-house host. A bit of a promoter too. Not bad. We recommend trying anything that is on the new menu, a Caribbean drink and a little of Freek.


DB monthly specials - sep261522_131259273624644_2444165_n
Café De Burse
Equity Tower, (LG Level)
SCBD, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman
Tel: +62 21 2903 5451


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