about us

About us:

ibusList is a community of people—like you.  Wait.  It IS you.

ibusList --- The Expat Community's word-of mouth directory

Word-of-mouth online.

The site was created after I, as an expat, had needed to untangle many puzzles for myself—mostly everything I needed to know and understand here. There is indeed information out there—somewhere.

Learning who I could depend upon and trust – has been both fun and stressful. It’s a difficult moment in life for everyone landing in a new place. It takes time to establish a social network and to figure out where to go to get anything. Especially in a place like this  city. So this represents a network and hopefully useful information.

This community for is everyone who wants to be connected to others just like you. You have both valuable experience to share with others and sometimes even you could use the assistance of advice to help you in meeting your needs.

This community directory is powered by those interested in sharing their experience.  Don’t underestimate the value of the experience you have. Many members, for a long time to come, will appreciate your contributions.

Thanks for contributing here.

~ Ibu


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